Names of books of the Bible in Spanish

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I installed "Biblia Reina Valera 1960" from and imported to OpenLP 1.9.9 on Windows7 It works very good, but when I make a search of a versicle, the names of the books of the Bible appears in English. It's confused because some books are very diferents (like "Hechos" is "Acts", "Santiago" is "James"...) How can I fix it? Is there a configuration file where I can edit the names? or something like that?

Thank you very much! 

PD. OpenLP 1.9.9 is really nice! :)


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    I already fix the problem: I had selected "Español" in Preferred Bookname Language in Bible tab in Global Settings of OpenLP. but I changed it to "Bible Language" and... That's it! the names of the books are now in Spanish

    Thanks! :)

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