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Just as we have a Theme Gallery, we could have a page with different Bible versions. Both download and upload would be useful. The upload could be to a reserved area so that the files could be checked before making them available to others. I have produced the Modern King James Version (royalties free) and will make it available as soon as it is properly verified. Blessings, Maurizio


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    The reason we removed the NIV version of the Bbible from openlp.org in the first place was because of Zondervan's strict copyright. If other versions of the Bible could be made available to openlp.org that would be great, but a lot of them also have copyright issues.

    Now, the same would apply to Bibles uploaded to a Bible Version page; they would have to be public domain, or some other license.

    What is the license of the New KJV? 

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    I am a fan of E-Sword.....This is also free. wouldnt it be easier to be able to link the two progs. That would give you about 25 different english bibles...& numerous other resources.
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    That's a feature request we have had before, and I think we'll be including it in openlp.org 1.2. For the moment however, I'm afraid you'll have to use the bible creator or the existing bibles.
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    There are many Bible versions that are royalties free. They can be downloaded from the e-Sword web site, and then converted into .txt files with the e-Sword program. Finally, with a small data manipulation they can be formatted for the database conversion program provided by openlp.org. At the moment I am not able to get the database conversion program to work with the file I have created. The program starts processing the .txt file, but it freezes. We are working on this last step. I will share the details as soon as the approach is working. Blessings, Maurizio
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    Ron, Duluth, MN

    I saw in a previous comment on this topic in 2007 that you were looking at adding the feature of linking E-Sword with OpenLP so that those bibles could be used.  What is the status of that feature?  It would solve the problem of finding .csv bibles to import.  I have be looking and can't find a source for any except Song Select and we are not subscribers there.  Our CCLI fee is all we can afford on a subscription basis.

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    Version 2 has many more options built in.  Apart from CSV it is possible to import bibles from BibleGateWay and Crosswalk along with exports from the Sword project.

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    I'm pretty excited about this. Two Bibles that you might actually be able to get as modules are the ESV and NET. I've noticed that while most other bible publishers require e-Sword, etc. to charge for their bible modules - the ESV doesn't, and the NET is the same way for the basic one (without all the extensive footnotes).


  •  I am trying to find a KJV bible without the parenthesis in the verses.  Have no idea how I could use it in OpenLP.  Willing to buy it but again no idea how to use in Open LP
  • This request was resolved through email/pm. I used SQL to remove the square brackets around words that are supplied to aid the meaning of the translation.
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