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Hi does anyone have an niv bible for this software?


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    You would need to get permission from Zondervan to use it in for display purposes. We removed it from because of copyright issues.

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    Is this the same for the 'Good News Translation' ?


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    I'm not sure of the copyright of the Good News translation, but it'll be similar.

    According to the copyright notice inside the NIV Bible, you're allowed to quote, display, and use a certain amount of the verses in the Bible without paying royalties. What this means for you is that if you manage to find a format version of the NIV Bible, you can use it and display it. We, however, are not allowed to redistribute the copyright versions of the Bible without prior permission (which is impossible without some commercial kick back for the copyright holders).

    That said and done, you could conceivably go to another site and download the NIV (and other versions of the Bible) and then import it into not that either myself or the project are endorsing that...

  • In case folk are still wondering how to get an NIV translation into OpenLP, I've managed it.
    1. I found an NIV download in XML format (US language, so translated the US spellings to UK).
    2. Exported the XML into the tab-separated fields used in the SQlite database OpenLP uses (fields: 'id','book_id','chapter','verse','text'), prefixing the (verse) 'text' field with "'$" (<single-quote><dollar>).
    [Note: 'id' is a sequentially numbered value from 1 to 31102]
    3. Imported the tab-separated data into Excel (the "'$" stops Excel interpreting double-quotes in the text field, so preventing it joining multiple records trying to find the corresponding close double-quote).
    4. Global search+replace of "'$" with <blank> (to delete the "'$")
    5. Copy the RSV.sqlite file to NIV.sqlite
    6. Create an ODBC connection to NIV.sqlite, then open in Access (connecting to the data file, not importing it).
    7. Delete all rows in the 'verse' table.
    8. Copy all rows from Excel and paste into 'verse' table in Access (will take quite a few minutes, as there are 31,102 verse records).
    9. Update the 'name' and 'copyright' fields in the metadata table.
  • I did a similar hack, modifying the verse table of the ASV database file, but used Python/TK/SQlite instead of Excel/Access to do the parsing/porting. I too had to go to elaborate lengths to eliminate quotes and other RTF tags from the source. It took me weeks to realize the significance of the name field in the metadata table and the insignificance of the database filename.

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