Flattening the footer

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Is thare a way of formating the footer so it's all on one line,

song name, copyright info .............................






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    No this is not currently possible. You can see that it's already listed on our Feature Requests page.

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    Martin - I am not on the development team, but I do know of a "workaround" that will get you there.  It is a little ugly though.

    First, Type everything (title, author and copyright) you want on one one line into the "copyright" field. 

    Then edit the song title field to include < > before and after the title (i.e. <Amazing Grace>), which hides the title.

    Last, create a blank author and substitute that for the actual author.

    Like I said - it's ugly. But if you really really need it...  remember you will lose a lot:  no more author lookup/sort in the Songs menu, CCLI reporting will have to be manual, annoying bracket in front of song names in the menus, etc.

    Better Alternative - apply a smaller typeface to the footer in the Theme layout.


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