Dancing Footers

edited November -1 in Troubleshooting

Help, I've upgraded to the latest OpenLP running on latest Ubuntu 12.04. Installed on a Samsung laptop.

My footers have started dancing.

Every time we move to a new slide the footer dances down and then back up to the correct position. The entire image behind scales with it. This gives a very distracting flickering for every slide change.

I edited a couple of themes. It doesn't make any difference. Happens all the time with all themes.

I looked to see if scaling was a new feature I could turn off. Nope. No control over image scaling. Isn't supposed to happen.

The text over the image doesn't move. Only the image and the footer, which seems to remain locked to a location on the image. So it could be worse.

I have no idea where to look for an answer now. What settings should I adjust?

Is this a new bug?


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