1.0 beta 5

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Ok guys, here's the spot to add all your bug reports. Let me start off with one that I found today:

  • The languages item in the menu shouldn't be there, and when you hover your mouse over it for too long, it pops up an error message about IO Error something or other.

Please post the following details:

  • Detailed description of the bug itself
  • Operating system (including service packs)
  • Any other relevant software installed
  • Steps to reproduce
  • Detailed error message


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    • CCLI not logging in (can login via website so u/p is correct)
    • Help/About doesn't display version number
    • Installation overwrites existing songs DB (almost crying right now)
    WinXP Home/SP2

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    Continuing errors (from beta3)
    • Floating Point Division by Zero on program startup - screenshot1
    • Splash screen image smaller than matte - screenshot1
    • Database not imported/retained - OVERWRITTEN on upgrade
    New errors:
    • " is not a valid integer value error with included db
    • Options, Settings dialog box chops off content - screenshot2
    • Preview not totally cleared before redraw - click through song lyrics - screenshot3

    My Machine:
    WinXP Pro/SP2; 1.86 Ghz Pentium M; ATI X300 Mobility Graphics; 512 MB RAM
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    I am getting the following error message: Presentation (unkown member): Invalid request. There is currently no slide show view for this presentation.

    What I'm doing is playing a powerpoint presentation, switching to something else (like a bible verse), and then going back to the presentation. When I try to display the presentation the second time is when the error pops up. The program doesn't crash, it will just show that message anytime you try to display something from then on.

    Win XP Pro SP2, Microsoft Powerpoint 2002
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    When I try to load a powerpoint presentation I get the following error message. Access violation at address 00000000. Read address 00000000.

    Operating system: XP Pro vers 2002 service pack 2
    Software: Microsoft Office 2000 Professional
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    I've had the same problem. The way to stop it happening is to hit the X button in the Live window while the powerpoint is still showing, before you try to display anything else. Once the error has happened I think you always have to stop and restart openlp.
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