iPad or Android software for church presentation

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There are something like like like OpenLP, songbeamer, opensong, pro presenter, mediashout or another beamer presentation software for this particular application for the iPad or the android system I mean something that is native to the platforms, so no remote system or similar

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    I don' think you will find any kind of native app for IOS or Android. Your problem with an app like that is the need for some type of external monitor output to get to a projector, monitor, or TV that is used. I'm sure its not possible, but I don't imagine its practical really at the moment.

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    But many android tablets or the ipad 2 do have a hdmi output and it's also so many presentation apps, similar powerpoint & co. ???

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    I think at present you will be severly limited on what you can do, not saying its not possible at all just likely not feasible, especially to be full featured like OpenLP.

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    Yeah, without having an actual computer connected to a projector, the OLP APP is not going to be of much use as it is mainly a remote control device. At our church, I setup the service on the computer and the pastor can use his Android phone to click through the service items if he chooses. This is great for a small church like mine where there is only two people who know how to use OLP and setup services. If both of us can't make it on Sunday then he can do it solo. It's kind of like the weather person on the news.. they have a handheld remote that flips through the slides and can go back if needed. The service still needs to be setup on a real computer so that you can see how it is really going to look once projected. I have remote desktop connection setup so that I can do the service from anywhere if needed and have the computer/router on a battery backup just in case the power fails. System works great for our needs. You may want to consider a small Netbook which would work nicely and very portable for your needs.

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    how costly it would be because the current code to export Openlp to a ipad or a android variant? The source code is written in C?  I have not looked.

    also referred to wonder whether my more software for ipad or android is, therefore, my question to general discussions.

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    OpenLP is written in python, using PyQt4 for the UI and various other python libraries.

    It wouldn't be a trivial task to port it, and the OpenLP UI isn't geared around a touchscreen interface anyway.

    Time would probably be better spent writing a specific Android/iPhone app.

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    Used PC's are cheap, we have a small USB based remote. which has page-up and page-down.  If your well organized the PC runs the presentation, the person controlling uses the remote clicker, it's all good.  I usually sit at the sound board, and use the clicker to reach the PC about 1m away, it's good to about 15m or so.  Last Sunday I was on the platform, and ran the whole presentation from there using the clicker.  Would have worked perfect if the pastor hadn't changed something without telling me.....



  • Most name-brand tablets have excellent graphics capabilities and support either wired (HDMI, VGA, etc.) and/or wireless (Apple TV, Google TV, Roku, etc.) video output. The total cost of ownership of a good quality tablet is less than that of a PC, and, as "appliances", they are far more reliable.

    I've spent a lot of time searching for a paid program for my iPad that would give me a fraction of the capabilities that OpenLP has to offer and have come up blank.  Keynote can do slides and some multimedia, Vjay can do videos only, and others, like iOpenSongs, can manage song libraries (primarily for musicians and not for presentation sake).

    I think this is being dismissed too quickly as I expect there to be growing interest in this as PCs, regardless of OS, become more and more passé.
  • I think that there will always be a need for something a little bigger.  For one thing, some of us are not in our 20's and 30's and need a larger then 2pt font.  Some applications have a lot happening at once, and don't fit a tiny screen.

  • Have a look at onsong, they have it's for displaying the music for the band, but you can connect an external monitor connector to the ipad and then display the words for the congregation as well. its ipad and iphone native.

  • I have several cheap Chinese tablets (Android 4.0.3 ICS & 4.1.1 JB), a couple 7"s and a 10". All of them work great and each was less than USD100. No need for the "latest-greatest" expensive units (think stewardship of God's money). We use them in our services to display the Stage screen to the choir via HDMI output to a rear-facing TV. The 10" unit is mounted to the pulpit for the ministers access/viewing the Stage/Live screens. I have installed an applet to keep the screens from sleeping during the service. All works flawlessly. OpenLP ROCKS!!

    Regards to all.
  • There is a new facility in the 2.x development branch which will display the same image as the main screen via a browser.  One will be able to display all media types except videos through this link.

    It is still in testing so should not be used in churches yet!
  • there is already news on the development? you can test an ios or android version ever download them?

    Thanks jojo
  • jojo2203 so far the current development version supports using a ios or android as controller/viewer by browser not as openlp host.

    Something to serous-ally consider is how cheap like the raspberry pi hardware is that can run a full Linux.  100 dollars worth of hardware gets you something that can run decanted.    If you think a little more openlp on a tablet or phone could be a really bad idea.   As a web browser sent interface if you switch away on the tablet or phone the presentation device can stay showing what it should. 

    http://www.solid-run.com/product/cubox-i2/ with built in wifi option with in development for next
    openlp will meet the requirement of small device  2 inch x 2inch x 2inch
    openlp server next to phone/tablet.  This is a 100 dollar device that
    is able to run standard debian.

    jojo2203 I do run openlp on one of my Android tablets but the solution is kinda evil installing debian inside Android.  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.zpwebsites.linuxonandroid Porting the core openlp only would get you so far.   Like you want good video playback and power-point that equals using VLC and Libreoffice.

    From what I have tried with openlp inside Debian inside Android I would want the pre-built device.    Reason freedom to use my tablet to look stuff up and in case of multi people each of use is able to have own tablet with our own extras on.

    Its bit like you see people using a barcode scanner with a tablet instead of using the tablets camera that could do the job.   Yes I know chromecast and the like makes you think the idea is good.   The issue is how do you pass between multi people cleanly.

    So my serous question jojo2203 are your sure that you want openlp on the tablet.  Or do you really want a small compact pre-build openlp device that is controllable by tablets.   Do take the time to seriously think and consider.   Remember porting to Android or iOS is a lot of work.

    Small prebuild device preconfigured is possible something Openlp could sell to raise money.
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    I agree that a Raspberry Pi 3+ is a great idea. It has enough horsepower to drive a 1080p display. You may be add more HDMI outputs with a graphics daughter board. It can run standard Linux.
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