Video works in preview, but not live...

Sorry if this is a redundant qestion, but I really did try to search and see if anyone had this same issue.

Again, video (and audio) works great in preview mode, but black screen on live mode. I've tried using webkit and vlc in every known configuration/order. Neither option responds any differently, or gives any indication of using a different program, just gives a blank screen in live mode (yes both are installed). I've tried both 1.9.11 on linux and windows (on same machine), and even tried a nightly build in windows. I also tried single monitor mode and dual. One thing that is consistent between win7 and linux mint is that I noticed that once a video is played, the live session becomes unresponsive to any flipping through other slides. I've also tried using the android app (awesome feature btw), which acts like I succesfully click a slide that should get displayed, but nothing changes on the screen, just stays stuck on a black screen, but only after video is loaded. OpenLP program also responds and acts normal, like it should be changing slides as well, but second monitor again remains black. Program doesn't seem to be locked up to me, just the video/live feature. Guessing it is a video card issue since both windows and linux both have the issue (linux reports: Intel® Ironlake Mobile video, Intel HD) Thanks so much!


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