RaspberyPi for Stage View

I was thinking about getting one of these http://www.raspberrypi.org/ and using it for the stage view projection.  Has anyone used one of these, thought about that?   Was thinking as small as it is, I could permantly mount it on the back balcony wall and all we'd have to do is plug the projector in.  Seems like, for stage view at least, it shouldn't be too bad. 


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    I have one of those, very cool. You could just open up the browser and go to the web remote's stage view, it should work fine.

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    Cool, too bad it probably won't work for dual screen output to the front, bundle two of them with a projector and pre-installed OpenLP and sell it lol

  • I received mine the other for just this purpose. Now I'm trying to figure out a way to set it up so it boots directly into the stage view in the full screen browser so it needs zero manual interaction.
  • Add --kiosk to the end of the Chrome Desktop Shortcut and it'll autolaunch in fullscreen. Then set the Stage View URL as your homepage.
  • And if you mean auto launching it, what OS did you put on it?
  • You should be able to configure the desktop to automatically run a command on startup. Both Gnome and KDE support this, and I'd be surprised if LXDE (which is what Raspian comes with, I think) didn't have that.
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    Does anyone currently have this running - using a raspberrypi for the connection to the projector whereby it boots direct to the openlp display output? Do you run openlp on that or does openlp run elsewhere. Presumably if it's the later you need to run a local network, there's no way to do this with an adhoc wireless or widi connection.

    Ideally I think what I'm looking for is a simple android app that will cast to a chromecast like device on the projector. Budget is key, we don't have any hardware at present.
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    I tried run OpenLP on raspberry it's fine but I don't know how to start program with OpenLP logo or black screen. (look here)
    command: xinit /opt/openlp/openlp.py -p
    I have display connect via SPI and start openlp on it. Stage view is possible to view on s-video output as
    Command: unset FRAMEBUFFER && xinit /usr/bin/midori -e Fullscreen -a localhost:4316/stage
    or with chords (as I described here)
    Command: unset FRAMEBUFFER && xinit /usr/bin/midori -e Fullscreen -a localhost:4316/files/slide.html
    or output to projector (on OpenLP 2.1):
    Command: unset FRAMEBUFFER && xinit /usr/bin/midori -e Fullscreen -a localhost:4316/main

    I have also wifi adapter on raspi and it's configured as AP, then there is possibity on OpenLP 2.1 to show main screen or stage view on another PC/tablet/mobile.

    Start OpenLP after boot: add command to /etc/rc.local with full path of program.
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