verses already in the service

Is there any way to change the "layout style" of verses already in the service or do you have to start from scratch and erase everything from the service and replace all the verses?




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    What do you mean layout style?  The theme? Line breaks, order of verses in the song?  

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    Layout Style like,

    Verse Per Slide: Display one verse per slide.

    Verse Per Line: Start each verse on a new line.

    Continuous: Verses flow together.

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    I have just the opposite problem. The pre-existing verses are all centered vertically and horizontally like they should be, but the ones I've created put the text jammed up in the upper left corner, squeezed all the way up to the top. I don't see anywhere to edit the text in this respect. How do I change font size, and left/right, up/down centering of text? I was going to take an pre-existing verse and just change the text out but it doesn't give me the option to "Save as" so I can't do that. Can anyone please help me with this? Thanks in advance.


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    In reply to donc:

    Generally, you shouldn't need to edit the formatting per slide. Instead, you assign themes. In the theme editor panel (below the service panel by default) you can create new themes, clone them, and edit them. Each theme defines the font size, style, colour, alignment for the main text and for the footer, as well as backgrounds. You can change themes after you've added an item to a service by right clicking on it and choosing the theme at the bottom of the menu.

    You can assign a theme as default using one of the buttons on the theme editor panel. You can also go to the settings and assign a default theme for Bible verses. For our church, I set the default theme to be white on black, large font, tiny font for the footer (copyright info), and centered horizontally and aligned at the top. The Bible theme is similar but has a larger font for the footer so the reference and translation are readable.

    If you really need to, you can edit a song or a custom slide and set specific colours or text styles on individual characters and words, but I haven't had to use that yet. I don't think you can edit Bible passages.

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