Self-contained service file, how does it work?

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I'm really excited that the service .osz files are self-contained and include the words, powerpoints, bible verses with formatting etc. This makes it really easy to set up a service at home and then just copy over a single file.

Can someone comment on this method? Are there any risks? Better ways of doing it? I've been using Dropbox with our SundayPlus song files recently but some of my colleagues are convinced that this causes things to crash. They might not agree to using Dropbox with OLP either.

I noticed that when opening a .osz file in a virgin OLP installation with an empty song database, the songs from the service were imported into the song list. How smart is OLP about detecting that a song is already present? Does it rely only on the song name or on some kind of hash? If I fix a typo in a song at home, or if I delete a verse, or add an author, what will happen when I open the service at church?

Not sure what behaviour I would prefer (if I had the choice). It would be nice to have my corrections applied to the main church database, but I realise that could cause all sorts of conflicts if not managed properly (both by the software and the users).


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