Songs of Fellowship importer not working in OSX?

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Hi all,

I thought I'd have a go at importing sof direct from the CD's having I've read several posts about this on the forum. But when I try the import, OpenLP tells me that "The Songs of Fellowship importer has been disabled because OpenLP cannot access OpenOffice or LibreOffice".

Current Platform OSX 10.8.2
LibreOffice installed Version
OpenLP: 1.9.12

I know that the presentation plug-in has been disabled, does this mean that it also disables the importers as well?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions, and thanks to for a wonderful piece of software. We moved over to OpenLP in March, and have not looked back since!

God Bless,



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    Hi Martin,

    Yes, I'm afraid the Songs of Fellowship Import functionality suffers the same problems as the presentation support when it comes to hooking up to LibreOffice on OS X. All I can suggest is that you borrow a Linux or Windows PC to perform the import, and then export/import the songs into your OS X installation.

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