No way of knowing that "Blank to Desktop" is enabled

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I would like to "Blank to Desktop."  However, when selecting this button, even though the desktop is projected, the Live window shows no indication of this.  If a song is being projected live at the time that you select "Blank to Desktop," the chorus is still displayed in Live window even though the desktop is projected as desired.  This can cause confusion to the operator if the computer is not located so that he has a clear view of the screen on the wall; the only indicator that he has is a slight change in the button appearance that is not too helpful.

Either the desktop needs to be displayed in the Live window when "Blank to Desktop" is enabled, or a red diagonal line should be drawn through the Live window.  This would be a great help!

Thanks for an outstanding tool that has revolutionized our services!


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    Hi cressjl,

    We heard you the first time, you don't need to repeat yourself! We understand your problem, but we do have a big list of feature requests and developer numbers are few, so we can only do so much.

    Anyway, I have added it to our feature wishlist
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    Thanks!  I had quite a time finding my original post, and when I saw no response, I assumed that the post had been overlooked in some way.  In fact, I read the post and didn't think it was all that clearly stated, so I cleaned it up some.

    We are finding this tool extremely useful.  In fact, other than this small annoyance, I have found no problems in the importing of songs in CCLI format, through showing videos and printing service plans.  We greatly appreciate the hard work you folks are doing!

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