Video Support for Backgrounds in Song Lyrics

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Is a video supported for backgrounds for song lyrics? If no, I would like to request this feature in OpenLP.


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    This is probably THE most requested feature, which gets re-requested on a weekly basis.

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    I think it would be interesting to see a study done on video backgrounds. My guess is that when churches move to projection software a high percentage of them try video backgrounds. Then after awhile a few continue headlong into video backgrounds while the majority go back to a still image or just a single color. I used to be surprised at how many churches that use a lot of technology often have white text over black backgrounds but that seems very common now. They usually have other screens for video but  don't use them for song lyrics.

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    It depends on the congregation.  If the average age of people in your congregation is say 25, you probably try and then continue to use video backgrounds.  If the average age of people in your congregation is 50, then you probably get complaints by the older folks that they can't read it, so you go back to still pictures.  If your average age is 75, then you need to be very careful about selecting photos, or you move to a plain colour background, with contrasting colour.  There are exceptions, I find careful selection of photos that are either dark or light, then using a contrasting colour in a rather large font (we are using 65-70pt) and it's working, I think there are about 3 people not using it now, one sits at the back, because they have sat in the same spot since 1930, even though they would have no trouble seeing it, if they sat about 5 rows up. 

    Other factors are the amount of realestate you can commit to a screen, and the amount of ambiant light.  Let me explain, if you have a <15m(50') front to back sanctuary, a standard portable screen should be visible from the back.  If you have a sanctuary that is 45m front to back, it's going to take a screen 4 times the size to be visible from the back, that's a huge screen that should be permanently mounted and motorized.  Ambient light is another issue, our sanctuary was built in 1900, the windows are huge, because when it was built, you needed oil lamps for lighting and they were very expensive to operate, so they used huge windows to get as much light as possible inside, so you didn't need the lamps.    The front is oriented to the North.  This means that when the sun is shining you need a lot of projector horse power to make it visible, when it's cloudy it's wonderful.  We are actually moving the projector to get it closer to the screen, to try and burn through the sunlight and give a better picture on sunny days and solve a key stoning problem. 




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    Actually, for us it is the baby boomers that want video behind lyrics. The young people either don't care or want a basic color. They just aren't nearly as impressed with all the technology as the older folks. That makes sense from a sociological standpoint too. Baby boomers give experience high priority while the younger people give authenticity and relationship a higher priority.

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    Multi-media ought to Enhance Worship and not replace worship or become object of worship


    Balancing the background (video, picture, colours ...) with text overlay should be in such a way that it 'enhance worship' experience for the congregation


    I use a mix of live feed, motion background, still images and plain black/blue colour background


    To use live feed and motion background with OpenLP, our workaround is transparent background with one of EasiSlides, KM Player, screen monkey or vmix

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    I have a church with a broad age range. Our congregation enjoys the motion backgrounds during the singing. However, I stick with very basic video (flowing colors, out of focus shapes/objects, etc) during the singing. When the sermon starts I switch to a still that matches the motion background to minimize distraction. Sometimes, I go with black background white letters.

    So...I do it all. I try to be sensative to the mood the worship leader is trying to set for the service. Flair/Powerful images when we want to encourage excitement. Simple/No Images when we want to soft contemplative.

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    I am having an issue displaying motion backgronds.  I have them saved as .mov files and the work but are very slow and stutter a lot and slow my computer down.  And my computer is  a 2010 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo with 8GB's or RAM and a dedicated card.  I run Logic and Final Cut just fine but it slows down my computer like crazy.  Anyone else have an issue similar to this?  Thank you 

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    If you want video backgrounds, I suggest you run them full screen in VLC or another media player and use the Transparent Background option in the themes for now.  Vid Background play back in the app itself is a bit choppy.

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    Last 4 years we use video in our church, and as I know most churches in Moscow use video (as backgrounds and/or as foregrounds or countdowns). Most of them use EasyWorship, ProPresenter or MediaShout. And they are very good in it.

    We are really waiting for good video support by OpenLP. This is the main reason that we still didnt switch to OpenLP yet.

    But multiplatform and freeware are the most important now to do this!

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