Need Help with Tamil and Malayalam Bible and have few Feature request for further releases

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Hey everyone,

first of all let me introduce us to you.

We are a Multilingual Tamil Malayalam and German speaking Church in Germany, until now we had used a overhead projector for our services, but next year we gonna use a video projector for our further services.
After a research in the internet I found a few beamer software but either way they were expensive, out of date, hard to handle and even worse some were all this three points together.

So it was not that hard to choose OpenLP 2.0 for our further Sunday services because, it is freeware, last version was just released and its so easy to use, so I congratulate and thank you for OpenLP 2.0, its a fine piece of software.

But I still have something to ask you.
1. I finally and gladly found a Tamil Bible:
    but they are from Zefania and are in a XML format and as you know it is not possible to import such a Bible directly in OpenLP.
    I tried few converters but still i cant manage to import these converted Bibles to OpenLP.

Could somebody help me out with these problem please?

Few Feature request for further releases
1. Will be there a solution for Multilingual services ? 
    What I mean is, can I setup a song slide with e.g. 3 or more languages at the same time ?
    Currently I have to convert Tamil and Malayalam in Unicode with these It works perfect but it      would be easier if can do it directly in OpenLP.

2.  Can I display for e.g. 2 or more Bibles at the same time? For example when I type "Mattew 1:3" then I want that OpenLP    displays the Tamil, Malayalam and German bible with that particular verse in one slide at the same time.

3.   The next request is,can there be a option to hide Bible verses so that OpenLP just show a hint for example "Matthew 1:3" so    that everybody had to read in their Bibles?

4.    It is not request but do somebody know were to buy this German Bible which is in a format that OpenLP support ?ür-Teens-ganze/dp/341725857X/ref=sr_1_3?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1354551777&sr=1-3

Bug report OpenLP 2.0
1.  If i want to export a song then always a error occurs with these report:
     " AttributeError: 'Song' object has no attribute 'sort_string' "

I thank you in advance for your help.



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