Slow Start Up Times

edited December 2012 in General Support
HI guys

A very general query - How long should OpenLP take to start up? On my home system it ain't quick - typically 30-40 seconds. But on my main church PC (a Core 2 Quad 2.4GHz system) It sometimes takes 50-60 seconds and this morning it took a full 70-80 seconds from double click to open and responsive interface.

I know that OLP has to kick Impress or Powerpoint into life as it starts but any tips on how to minimise this delay? I was running late this morning and needed to get something on screen at the church quickly so every second felt like an eternity - LOL!

Not a complaint in any way. Just an observation and genuine question on whether I can do something to improve the situation.

BTW the church system is 32bit Vista - fully patched, with Office 2007 and the latest LibreOffice installed. OpenLP version is 2.0.


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