Sharing Openlp Dropbox?

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church has been using Openlp for awhile now. However I can't figure out
how to make everything shared. When we used OpenSong (which we still do
to store chords) I allowed everyone access to a dropbox account so the
leaders could choose songs and set up the service from home. That was
great since most of the leaders have kids and it saves them from
trekking everybody to church. I can't seem to implement that same
functionality with Openlp. Is there a way to accomplish this? The sound
booth computer is a mac and some leaders have windows and linux(ubuntu
more specifically) so the fix needs to be able to work across all


  • Andrew, 
    I am not recommending this but it should work. Tools, Open Data Folder is where OpenLP has all the data information stored. Make a new directory in your dropbox folder and you can copy the folders out and into your new dropbox folder. Then go to Settings  --> Configure OpenLP and click on the Advanced Tab. At the bottom of that page you will see Data Location. Choose the folder to assign a Custom Path and point it to your newly created OpenLP folder in your dropbox folder and that should do it.
    I am using Spideroak to accomplish the same thing without a problem. Hope this helps. 
  • I don't want to recommend it is my disclaimer so you don't come back here saying I told you to do it. Otherwise, with me using Spideroak on two computers, which keeps all the folders in their own place, it has been working great and I don't "think" you would have a problem. :-)
  • I agree with jseagull1's disclaimer:

    You could surely enable the synchronization of the OpenLP files via DropBox or any other similar sync solution. 

    You will however need to remember the following limitations:

    1. There is no concurrency support implemented into this solution: two or more simultaneous users will not be able to get their respective changes synchronized between them. At best, they will loose their respective changes, or end up having duplicated conflicting databases or files, and at worst they will end up with a destroyed database.
    2. After booting your PC, you better wait until the sync service finishes its sync job before starting OpenLP or whichever other software you are using.

    I don't have any experience using OpenLP under these circumstances, however I am using DropBox to sync the data of some other software, and following these simple advices enables me to work the limitations out.

  • [Using v2.4.4]
    If you share the OpenLP Data directory using Dropbox, make sure all PCs have the root Dropbox directory in the *SAME* place, e.g. "C:\Dropbox". Whilst the files will share ok if you don't do that, any paths written into the OpenLP (SQlite) database files will *not* match if you don't, e.g. for loaded images. Typically, the Dropbox directory is set up under your username, e.g. "C:\Users\myuser\...", so synced database files will have broken links on another PC with a different username.
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