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Maybe I missed it somewhere. Is there a way to get Bible verses not to display from one side of screen to other like within a text box? Do I have to format each verse but editing and adding a return or is that possible. I want the verses centered in the screen. I did set what I could in themes.


  • To make sure I understand your goal, what you want is more "white space" on the left & right of the text? Basically you want left & right margins to be wider, right?  If so, then you want to edit the display area for your theme that you're using for the bible, I have a specific theme just for Bible verses.


    Reduce the width and increase the x-position until you get what you want.  What I usually do is open the background image in an editor and draw a box where I want the text to display, and see what the coordinated and dimensions of the box are, that gives me the values for the above numbers.
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    Thanks Halbrook!

    I just stared using OpenLp and I guess If I would be more patient before posting I would find what im looking for! I found that today and realized I can create a theme for the bible, assign it to just the bible and assign these settings to text area and There it is! Just what I needed! Thanks Raul and all those contributers who make opensoource apps and you hard work! This so far is a great app and I wish I knew a little more about programming so I could contribute!!

  • We actually have plenty developers, we really need more people who can help write the user guide, and test OpenLP to find bugs.
  • I would be happy to help. Just like looking for a way to display bible is accomplished by making custom theme. I could not find that in help but did after exploring other features.
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