Preview audio

edited December 2012 in General Support
I've found there is no audio when I preview a media item, sending video live works fine.  Not sure if this is a bug or a feature? We have recently adopted this software and I discovered this when trying to PFL the laptop sound feed to our mixer checking items in preview before a service.  I ended up having to check live with the screen blanked but this is not ideal as we often have welcome slides or notices displaying before a service (and then you don't see the video as it does not show in the live window only the main screen when not blanked). Is this a bug/problem with my set up or how it is intended to be?  Without audio it seems to rather reduce the usefulness of the preview window especially as a live video only shows on the main screen, but maybe that is just me?
Thanks to all the developers for such a great piece of software though I keep finding new useful features!
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