Feature Request: Option to auto-size songs to fit the slide

edited December 2012 in Development

We have to make the font-size according to
largest song in our database, so when we have shorter songs the font isn't as large as it
could be. So if there could be an auto-fit the song to its
largest font
 option, that would be great. :)


  • I have a set of formatting tags that changes the em settings on the font to make it smaller or larger based on the song in question. Of course, if you use multiple computers, then it can be complicated, because you have to make sure your fonts and your formatting tags are synced between computers.
  • @Aaron, I think, what most people do, is they pick the most readable font size, based on the size of the screen, the size of the space, the age of the audience.  Longer songs then flow over onto 2 or more slides, and shorter songs, are well, shorter.  You can use the optional split [---] to force it to flow over on a phrase break, rather then where the break normally would land. 

  • i think this would be an awesome feature. not only for songs but for scriptures as well. there's nothing more stupid than a scripture being split up, the second slide only showing 2 words due to font size. a dynamic size would sure be a nice option in such an instance.
  • Hey our church currently uses OpenSong and we are OpenLP curious - the main thing that OpenSong has that we don't see in OpenLP is auto size text.

    So a chorus of 2 lines shows at the same size as a verse with 10 lines. OpenSong would blow that chorus up huge, and shrink that verse accordingly! Would LOVE to see this in OpenLP.

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