Feature Request: Formatting tags separated from other settings

edited January 2013 in Development
A lot of us use OpenLP on multiple systems, some by sneaker netting, some by file sharing services like Cubby or Dropbox.  Works great to move songs and sildes and services about, but because the settings are stored in different ways between computers (Registry entries in Windows, .ini like files in non-Windows) settings can't be shared.  That's not a huge problem for most settings, as we may want to have somethings different on different boxes.  But the one thing that should be sync-able, I think, are the formatting tags. They should be stored in a universally accessible database/ini type setting, like the themes, songs, etc.  Even if I could choose the setting areas to import/export, it's a step I have to remember to do, and that can complicate things in a pinch setting. 
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