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We have been running OpenLP for a few years and enjoy the new version but, what version of windows XP does it work best with.  We use it on a XP Pro system and have yet to get linked audio to work or video to play in the live screen. Yes, it projects. Even the themes that come with openlp dont work correctly the background pics are missing  I installed it on my wifes laptop which is a  older Celeron M and everything works. Her latop is running XP Home SP3. So I decide to take the projection system and do a clean install of XP Pro SP3 and guess what it doesnt work. So I reformat and put in XP Home SP3 and again it doesnt work. No matter what I do I cant play linked audio or see the live screen video or get the theme backgrounds to work.

At this point its easier to convert videos for 1.9.6 and the audio for songs works great. I see others had the same problem but it was ratified rather quickly with the linked audio.

Am I missing something?  I just dont get it. Why cant I reproduce on the projection computer what I get on my wifes laptop?

Projection Computer
AMD 4800+
Nvidia 8500GT
2 gig RAM
XP Pro SP3
XP Home SP3

Wifes laptop
Celeron M 1.6
2 gig RAM
XP Home SP3

Powerpoint viewer 2007
VLC 2.0.5


  • One of the problems with Windows, there is no real version of Windows XP, because as soon as you install ONE piece of software, it changes some of the system files, and it's different from every other installation of Windows XP....  It's the big advantage of Linux distributions like Fedora and Ubuntu, software installs don't change system files, and distributions tend to include system packages, that when you run a software update brings you back in sync with everyone else. 

  • I guess I forgot to put we are also using Office 2003. After looking at the differences between computers I found something on my wifes laptop. I had installed Open Office years ago. So I installed Open Office 3.4.1on the projection computer and NOW the linked audio works along with the themes.  The themes that came with OpenLP still are black in the theme manager but work.  So Maybe another 36 hours and Ill figure out the Live video on the main display being black but projecting. Also noticed it works in Preview.

  • For video, install VLC and make sure OpenLP is set up to use OpenLP for videos. The background audio is a little trickier, OpenLP tries to use Windows' built in media capabilities, so you may need to either find a format that works or install a codec pack.
  • Don, there are a couple of things to check.  Run OpenLP click on settings, then configure OpenLP, now select Themes, there are two settings here, first is global theme, this is often set on a new setup as default, which is white letters on a black background.  The second setting is called Theme Level, there are three options here,  Song Level, Service Level and Global Level.  If this is set to Global level, then themes will not appear to work.  Set this to Song Level and see if your themes show up. 

    I use two machines, and I find that what works best, is to put them side by side, and go through the settings and make sure they are all the same, it's not uncommon to miss setting one little thing, and it seems to not work at all.  This isn't only OpenLP, but pretty much any piece of software that works in one place and not another.

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