Mac OS X Nightly build 2174 is 64bit only?

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Hi there,

today i downloaded the latest Mac nightly build (bzr 2174) and it appears to be a 64-bit only application, which will not run on my 32-bit only mac. :(

I noticed the file size was a lot smaller too—could that be related?

Is this a deliberate decision? I would love to continue to test out the nightly builds.



  • This change was intended to reduce the size of the build. What OS X version do you use?
  • Sorry I had forgotten I had written this.

    I use Mac OS X 10.6.8 on a MacBook Pro (1,1) which is 32-bit only.


  • Maybe this could use a new thread, but it's still related - I would love to be able to use developer builds of OpenLP but I can't because I have a 32-bit only Mac.

    So I got the latest source code over the weekend, made sure my Macports packages were all up to date, and then ran OpenLP, but the songs plugin wasn't working.

    It says "File could not be opened because it is corrupt." in a pop-up dialog on startup. It also doesn't use any of my preferences, so I'm just curious if I have to point the dev build to my OpenLP data folder somehow?

  • Hi Aaron,

    Thanks that you still keep loving openlp regardless our inactivity.
    Thanks that you were able to set up macports.

    Regarding your issue - I sometimes get it too. But I'm still not sure why.
  • Aaron, regarding the corrupted song database could you please remove the old openlp files and start openlp like a clean install?

    - remove files from /Users/Myname/Library/Application\ Support/openlp
    - remove settings from/Users/Myname/Library/Preferences/org.openlp.OpenLP.plist*

    Could you provide us somehow your song database that is corrupted?

    Getting that far as running openlp with macports, you should be able to do openlp builds.
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