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Just going to point out my setup as I came from a previous program where I had a Lyrics Display built into the program.

Since I have a total of 3 different monitors that I am working with: Console, Front Screens, Stage projector against rear wall,  I needed a way to get stage lyrics up on the back wall.

I'm currently taking advantage of the web stage lyrics interface for this.  Using Win7 on the box I have multiple browsers installed and basically Chrome has been setup to be the rear display. I removed the Chrome link so people don't inadvertently use Chrome.  I opened Chrome on the back screen so that I ensured it would reopen on that screen all the time. Then I set the home page of Chrome the stage lyrics URL for OpenLP.  Followed by that I created a new/the only shortcut around for Chrome that launches it in kiosk mode ""C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" -kiosk" for the target which ensures I have no borders on Chrome on the back wall.

This opens full screen to the lyrics of the current song on that screen and actually refreshes really fast on verse changes etc.  I did lose the ability to show the order of service but we can live without that for now.  I should probably change the icon on my shortcut to not look like Chrome as well but just haven't gotten around to that. Anyway just thought I would share this in case anyone needed it.


  • Thanks for the tip, makes things a lot better for me now.  I use Chrome exclusively, so I installed the PortableApps version of Chrome as well, that way one is used to show the stageview on the projector, and the other is on the main screen if I need to get online for anything. 
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