OpenLP on Gnome shell

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We are moving over from ZionWorx to OpenLP in our church but I have a few issues that maybe someone can help me with. The biggest problem is how Gnome shell handles expose (pressing activities or moving mouse cursor to hot corner) on the second display. When this action is triggered the presentation screen gets dimmed and lyrics disappear. If I have a PowerPoint up using Impress this will be scaled to a smaller version but still visible. The workaround is to remember to start all applications needed during the service before it starts and change application with Alt+Tab. I guess my question really is how to turn off expose on second screen in Gnome shell.

By the way. The reason for running under Gnome shell is that OpenLP crashed under Ubuntu Unity. If any of you have got this setup to work I would be grateful for your help.

Thank you for a great program, Joakim Lundvall 


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