Whiteboard Feature

is there a plugin or feature that would enable some form or a digital whiteboard?  If there is not a feature does anyone have a suggestion for a good whiteboard app that can run in conjunction with OpenLP in linux.


  • Can you explain what a digital whiteboard is, and how it works? I know what a physical whiteboard is, but I'm not sure I know what a digital one is.
  • Well its the same as the real thing only that you can use any input method, to paint on the currently displayed slide, you like. The simplest being a mouse, or a touch screen or a graphic tablet.

    So I guess the proposal would be, that the current person presenting, could actually highlight a certain part of the current slide on the screen
  • Tomzi is very close to what I am thinking.

    Have a slide that you can dynamically enter on.  This would work well for interactive retreats.  A question is asked/shown and the presenter can then enter the responses to the question so that it is displayed via the projector and not hand written on a white board.
  • I guess you could probably achieve the same effect using Custom Slides and the "Go to Live" button on the preview toolbar.
    1. Type your text in a custom slide.
    2. Preview it.
    3. Click on the Go Live button in the toolbar of the preview slide controller. The item is sent live with the currently selected slide being projected.
    4. Edit the custom slide again, adding a new slide.
    5. Preview it
    6. Go live on the new slide.
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