Use Operating System wide keybindings for 'Next Slide', 'Previous Slide'...

edited March 2013 in Development
OpenLP should reserve specific keys operating system wide to allow for certain functions.

would be a most useful and important feature, especially when the
service started already and you need to do something else on the same
computer, like researching a picture to display or adding new songs,
changing whatever is needed.

These dedicated, 'reserved' keys would ALWAYS
.) goto the 'next slide'/previous slide,
.) blank the screen...
matter if I am in the Windows Explorer, or Browser or whatever other
program or even if I currently change a song within OpenLP

Multiple keys should be mappable to one action:
eg for 'next slide':
.) the '6' or '8' on the number block
.) the wireless presenters 'right' button
.) Or even if I use a second 'mini' keyboard or numberblock just for navigation of the slides

way I could, in every situation or state of the computer or focus of
the current window, control the presentation. Or even more important the
preacher or the person using the presenter is always in control of his
slide, no matter if the technician who uses OpenLP has its focus on
OpenLP or uses another program at the moment...

I know about the 'remote' control feature of OpenLP, which is cool, but just not enough for this reasons:
.) I'll have to find the browser window with the 'remote' control first and the click next -> toooo slow
.) The preacher does not have this 'remote control', he ususally uses the wireless presenter.

I know this is possible by reserving USB devices for certain programs, like Virtualbox does it, or similar ways.
This feature would be soooo needed - for some technicians :)


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