A couple of bugs noticed when handling Powerpoint files

edited March 2013 in General Support
Using the latest OpenLP and PowerPoint 2003.

1/ When changing between 2 different PP files using the Service list and with the live screen blanked off, you get a flash on the destination screen/projector of something that looks like part of a slide from one of the PP files. This does not happen if clicking between say a song and a PP file, only if changing between 2 different PP files.

2/ Was given today in church a PP file made on vers 2010 which had a continuous slide show with music behind the whole show. When I ran it live OpenLP threw up a dialog box to say there had been a problem, but OpenLP and the file would still run - until I went to close the dialog box and the music stopped. I had to run the slide show with this box left open. It may have been to do with the PP file concerned, but it did not affect OpenLP, just annoying!
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