Setting up OLP PortableApp

edited March 2013 in General Support
Hi there.  Sorry to plague everyone yet again but I'm just having a play with the portableapps version of OLP.  I got my themes and song database installed just fine but...

Question is - How do I configure it to use the Portable VLC and Portable LibreOffice I have also installed so that I end up with  a completely self-contained solution on my memory stick which can play ppt/pptx and music/video files.

The OLP configuration seems to have recognised PortableVLC (VLC is selected as an option in the video configuration page but it is also directly installed on my laptop so I'm not entirely sure if it is detecting it from the hdd rather than the memory stick).

But for LibreOffice, the checkbox on the Presentations configuration remains firmly greyed out and when I start OLP from the memory stick it opens Powerpoint from my hard-drive.

Anyone offer any advice on this? I don't see much discussion of the portable app in the forums.

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