More details on how to import song from Easyworship

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I've search through the forum and user guide and I tried the import tool that should help in migrating my EasyWorship DB into Open LP Database. I tried to import the Song.db file but I cannot see any song in openLP. I would be grateful if someone who did the import successfully could give some hints on how to do that. Which file (or files) should I be importing? "Song.db" file did not work for me.

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  • Make sure you have the correct file. I successfully imported our church's EasyWorship database into OpenLP, but that was at the beginning of last year. When I did though, I noticed that there were a few Songs.db files in various locations, and it took me a few goes before I found the right one.

    Unfortunately I cannot remember which one it was, and I'm not a Windows person, so I was grabbing in the dark as it was when I did the import.
  • Thank you Raoul, I finally had success in importing my songs into OpenLP. I've round the correct Db file in Easyworship. Thanks
  • Hi - It's now 2022 and I am trying to import from EasyWorship. It works with an old .DB file (in the database folder) from 2016 but will not open our up to date one (from the v6.1 folder). Any ideas. Does it only work with the 2009 version and not the 6.1 version. Thanks.

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