Two different song databases

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I need to create and use two separate song databases because I lead worship in both Italian and English so using a different repertoire or the same but with lyrics in the language required. I do not want to have all songs (with EN and IT lyrics) appearing in the same database, I would like to choose which DB to use each time based on the situation. Is this possible? What's the easiest way to manage that? Thanks


  • What OS?  Only thing I can think to do would be to use batch files for each language, and have the bat file rename the song database before launch. say for the English version have it change songs.sqlite (or whatever the file name is) to  Then rename songs.en to songs.sqlite and launch openLP, then have one the reverse naming for Italian.
  • At one stage we were thinking of being able to specify the data location via a command line argument. This wasn't implemented, but what OpenLP *does* support is running as a portable app. You might be able to use this to your advantage.
  • From the top menu, select settings->configure openlp->advanced then you will see the data directory, you can then set up one as English and one as Italian....So for example instead of it being ...openlp\data you move everything from there into ...openlp\data\EN  then setup another data directory that is ...\openlp\IT.

    You would then be able to have everything separate, like bibles, presentations, etc.
  • There is two problems with wogster's suggestion. 

    The first one is that you need to restart OpenLP every time you change the data path. 

    The second is that if you change the path to one that already has OpenLP data files in OpenLP will ask if you wish to overwrite the files. I can almost guarantee that at some point somebody will click the wrong button.

    I would go with mhalbrook's suggestion of writing a small script. If you need any help with this let us know which operating system you are using and I'm sure somebody will be more than willing to help.
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