Feature Request: Jump to Slide not in Sequence

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Hi there,

Firstly, let me say thank you for developing and maintaining OpenLP, it is a great piece of software. We are currently using SongPro in most of the church, but we are trialing OpenLP at our newest venue, and so far so good, I personally much prefer it.

There's only a slight issue that we are coming up against. In SongPro, we used to change the song order quite often, adding or removing verses for the service. This would often mean that the verse we want isn't actually in the order, but we could still get to it by hitting the appropriate hotkey. In OpenLP, if a verse is not in the song order, there is no way to get to it except by editing the song. This has caught me out a few times during worship when I realise that the verse the worship leader is going to isn't available (usually the bridge), so a few times I have had to blank the display while adding the verse in to the order.

I guess my request in a nutshell is to have an option to display verses not in the sequence, maybe buy putting them at the bottom of the order but grey them out or something, so that we can still click/hotkey them but wont hit them by page-down/arrow key.


  • We have some feature requests of a similar nature. I'll add yours to the list.
  • Thanks Raoul, its one of only a very few things holding us back from using it and otherwise its pretty amazing.

    If I get time over the summer, I might take a look at the source code and see how easy it would be to do, but I am far from a programmer.
  • Nicely explained :-) We have a similar issue. It's not a problem when there are well defined versions of a song because we just have all versions in the database with different authors and perhaps the version name in the title enclosed in <> so we can tell the difference. But sometimes the worship leader doesn't like a particular verse, or needs a shorter version of the song, or wants to add a verse from the older version at the end of the newer version, etc. These changes may only apply to a single service, or the same leader might want to reuse them again, but another leader might want the standard verses.

    We try to get the worship leader to go over all the songs with us before the service to correct errors like this, but we don't always have time. Perhaps it would be possible to show any verses which aren't included in the order at the bottom of the live and preview panes but have them greyed out. Personally, I don't mind if they are activated by hitting the down key but I know that some users like to 'down' all the way through the service. Even better if they can only be activated by clicking if the widget allows that.
  • I'd also like to see the 'greyed out' slides...
  • We are just testing open lp and plan to switch to it from Songpro. This I sone feature that is holding us back at the moment, as our worship leaders often spontaneously change the order and add in verses etc that aren't in the order.
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    I am also looking to switch from SongPro to OpenLP.
    This - the ability to see and display verses etc not in sequence - is the one absolute essential that is missing for me to be able to do so.

    The only way I can see to see all verses in the current version is not to use a song order, and I can't see anything that looks likely to be it on the feature request list http://wiki.openlp.org/Feature_Requests although if I've just been confused by the wording I'd love to be proved wrong!

    (I hope it's ok to bump an old thread - it fits exactly with what I was looking for.)
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