Cannot open powerpoint presentation

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I'm having  a problem importing a Powerpoint presentation for use
within OpenLP.

It imports with a red cross next to it in media manager
and if I try and use it I get a message box saying "The presentation
C:\......pptx is incomplete, please reload.

I am using windows 8 and powerpoint 365.

I had the same problem with WIndows XP and powerpoint 2012.

This is part of the reason we bought a new computer.

I have tried dragging it to openlp in presentations, and I've tried using the browse feature in presentations. Same problem.

Powerpoint is selected as an "available controller"

If i open the presentation in powerpoint separately, it works fine.

Must be just some kind of glitch, or maybe a setting, but i can't figure it out

Please help.


  • Now that message is useful.

    Possible problem know cause of this happened 2007 exists all the way out to 2013 confirmed.   Particular install modes of MS Office don't allow MS Office to be embedded in other applications.  Yes this includes openlp.   Yes the error message from openlp in this event is not very clear  in this case.   The problem is that the error generated by incorrectly installed powerpoint is identical to powerpoint processing a damaged file.  Yes lack of unique error thank you Microsoft.

    Problem is I know of no one else using Powerpoint 365 with openlp or even if 365 install mode can be altered.   So you have gone into unknown area it would be useful if you could inform back if 365 has the same kinds of installer issues as 2007-2013 and if it fixable.

    techsaavy just for something extra that might get you out of hole a little bit  there is a bug where the most  libreoffice 4.0 has a presentation manager issue.   Impress from libreoffice or openoffice can be used to open pptx openlp can use this.  Nice advantage neither has install mode that is incompatible.
  • Actually, as of LibreOffice 4.1 you will be able to disable the presentation console.
  • Thanks for the link. I will look into that and see if it applies for 365. Can't be much difference (but then again it is microsoft).

    About the libre or openoffice, are you saying that these will run pptx files as they are?

    The reason i am asking is that i have a android app that allows me to control and view powerpoint from my tablet.

    I am not sure if it will work with a different file type.

    Thanks again for the info
  • techsaavy of course there are limitations using the libreoffice and openoffice path.   LibreOffice and OpenOffice are your only options when using openlp on Linux to open pptx files.  But both do include pptx importer.   Lot of people don't use advanced powerpoint features so a lot will run as they are using LibreOffice and OpenOffice.   Yes 4.1 libreoffice is now released and its a lot more friendly to configure next to openlp.

    Openlp remote application does not care what the viewer is as long as openlp has a viewer.

    techsaavy what android application are you refering to.  in time this should get display a static image of what is on screen.
  • The app is called "ppt remote".

    I have a galaxy note 10.1 and through it i can actually see the slides and the notes on my tablet at the same time.

    Also there is a thumbnail row above that i can use to skip to any slide on the presentation.

    Its pretty nice.

    We use openlp for our songs and announcements. If i can get it running with powerpoint (which i hope to do) i will also use it during preaching or teaching using pptremote as my link to the host computer via wifi.

    I just sat down to try to work with it, ill know more here shortly.
  • No deal.

    Funny thing is, i am running 7 on my laptop with PPT 2010, and i can get it to work. Crazy.
  • ppt remote that is MS Office targeted only addon.

    Libreoffice ppt remote like feature is built into the office suite.
    Yes when using libreoffice there is no third party server bit since the server is part of the application itself.   Remote support is built into the application.

    The stable branch openlp does not show pictures on its remote webpage development branch does but stable branch you can still change slides.   Using ppt remote or libreoffice own remote with openlp could be asking for trouble.   This is why I am looking at openlp own remote interface.
    Yes you cannot have too many chiefs in charge of kitchen.

    Openlp remote allows you to control everything openlp does.    techsaavy from my point of view idea for you most likely will be openlp 2.2 when it gets released.

    Not Crazy at all that it MS Office 365 might not support application embedding at all thinking Microsoft also sells MS Office 2013.   MS Office 2013 is the stand alone.  Unfortunately it makes perfect sense for MS to kill the embeding feature on 365 so they make more money selling the stand alone..

    So you maybe forced to use the competitor Libreoffice or OpenOffice and test for the compatibility differences on the ppt and pptx files you wish to use.   In a lot of way Libreoffice 4.1 is way more freeing as you can go completely nuts on slides with fonts since you can now embed fonts in open document files so don't have to worry if computer at other end has XYZ font.  Yes there are particular advantages to LibreOffice Impress over Powerpoint.   Its not all giving up features.

    techsaavy lot of people think going the competitor path means missing out on lots of features.   Every year the feature difference between MS Office and LibreOffice and OpenOffice gets less.   In fact a lot of features are stock in LibreOffice and OpenOffice that are third party tools for MS Office.

    You can think of openlp 2.2 remote interface as also a replacement for
    "ppt remote"  both are in fact working similar ways.   Interesting question can you get "ppt remote" to work with MS Office 365.   There is a chance that "ppt remote" does not work either.
  • Ive done all I can to get it to work. Not going to happen.

    Im disappointed. 

    When is 2.2 going to be released?
  • techsaavy lot of things are going on in the making of 2.2   So there is no exact time line.
    Yes the nightmares of reaching the point of having to code update,

    --Ive done all I can to get it to work. Not going to happen.--
    I guess this is just using MS Office 365.   Because installing libreoffice should allow you to have it part work using Libreoffice instead of MS Office 365.
  • Hi techsaavy, I'm Raoul, the project leader of OpenLP.

    Office 365 is not presently supported by OpenLP. Most of the developers don't use Windows, and of those that do, they don't have access to Office 365. Office 2012 is not supported, for the same reason. We have heard of some of our users successfully using PowerPoint 2012, but as I said before we have not been able to test it ourselves.

    If you wish to use presentations you will need to use one of our supported applications. I personally recommend LibreOffice as a candidate which is most compatible with PowerPoint presentations.

    If you want to control your presentation remotely from your phone while using OpenLP you will need to use the OpenLP remote (it's in the Play Store). If you wish to use your remote app, then you cannot use OpenLP - you will have to run your presentation externally.
  • Ok thanks guys.

    I am going to use Impress to work with OpenLP. My media guys can create their announcements and things of that nature.

    Then i will use PowerPoint for sermon presentations. Looks like it will work out well that way.
  • techsavy,

    Have you tried using the PowerPoint viewer?
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