Feature request: The ability to edit Custom Slides in the Service Manager

Just like you can right click on a song in the Service Manager and choose Edit Item, it would be helpful to have that for custom slides.  I use same custom slides every week but with different information on them such as the scripture for the week, special music, and sermon title.  Right now I have to delete them from last weeks service (which use as a starting point for the present weeks service) edit them in the Media Manager, and then reinsert them into the Service Manager.  Thanks.  


  • I would like to add my vote in support of this request. I have the exact same need for editing custom slides each week.

    If a custom slide needs adjusting once it is already in the service, it has to be done again and added to the service rather than starting with the one already in the Service Manager and having the capacity to modify it. This is more important if the computer running the service file is different from the one where the service file was put together, as you don't then have access to the original custom file.

    Thanks for considering this request.

  • This functionality has already been added to the in-development 2.2 version. However this is still quite some way from being released.
  • Fantastic! Thanks for letting us know.

  • Wonderful!  Just looking for this feature tonight and glad to know it's on the way.  We have found OpenLP to be a great blessing at our church as we have recently switched from a common commercial worship projection software.
  • David, this feature is already there! ;-)

    Just make sure you have the custom slide in the database of your OpenLP installation. If you open a service file that has a custom slide in it that you don't have in your local database you will not be able to edit it!
  • First off, the solution that is coming is more in line, I believe, with how SOngs work.  IF I open a service file on a computer using a different DB, any songs not in the DB are added on open (unless the feature has been turned off) and I can work with it as tho it was always there.   That, as you noted, doesn't work the same for Custom content.   And I've found that it doesn't work perfectly as you describe in most contexts..  

    I share the OpenLP data folders across computers using Cubby, better deal than Dropbox, since I have no *nix boxes at the moment.  If the worship leader/pastor/someone adds a custom item on their computer, and puts it in the service, it LOOKS like everything happens right, but I cannot edit the custom item in the service still.  Not sure WHY it doesn't work, but it doesn't.  At least not as of one version back, I haven't had a chance due to time and illness to update to the latests version across the spectrum, because there's a lot of instances to update.. 
  • It doesn't work because we need to write code to make it work, and that code is still currently under development.
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