Custom one-off scripture reference slides

edited September 2013 in Development
we use OpenLP and love it. Using a remote "presenter" clicker
attached to a laptop means the Worship leader is able to control the
song progression from the front which in our small church means nobody
else has to be distracted from their worship to manage openlp. The same
setup means the preacher can flip between slides/media etc. accompanying their talk and is very handy.

doing this with Bible verses can prove distracting if you are reading
several (say above ten) verses and have to keep clicking next at the
appropriate moment. One feature we would like is to be able to add a
custom slide to a service with just the Book/Chapter/Verse reference on
it (either during service planning or adhoc during the service itself)
but not to necessarily store that slide in the database. We don't want
an ever-increasing set of one-off slides added to the database. So what
we'd like is to add a one-off slide which is saved with the service but
not kept anywhere else.

I'm not sure in the service files if
slide content is saved but I think it is because otherwise creating a
service on one box and then loading it on another (from a USB key for
example) wouldn't work unless both had the same version of the songs/slides.

Is this possible? As a FOSS coder (including python) I'm happy to help if I can.



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