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I'm new to OpenLP but our tech team decided to use this from now on at church.
My problem now is, that the room we rent is not very high, thus the text projection needs to be on top of the screen for those at the rear to see.

I was yet unable to find the option to have text vertically oriented, e.g. at the top.

If this is possible, please tell me - and if not as well, since I would then need to figure something else out for this sunday.

Regards and god's blessings! Keep up the good work!



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    Hi Patrick.  This feature is included in the next beta release which should be made available in the next few days.  No guarantees it will be out for this sunday though, sorry. Derek.
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    If it doesn't make it out in time, here's a solution for tomorrow (or today, depending on your timezone). Put almost-blank lines that only have a space character in them ( ' ' ). Because it isn't strictly a newline, it will keep these blank lines at the bottom of each verse, forcing the rest of your text upward. (At least, this works with the version of OpenLP I have installed.)

    I'm only suggesting this as a temporary hack, I know it wouldn't be viable in the long run.

    Soli Deo Gloria,


    Eric Searcy

    OSU Open Source Lab

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