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We try to keep the lyrics on the screen down to no more than 5 lines for clarity and different formats for screens.  With that I label the verses that are longer than 5 lines as verse 1 is of course "verse 1" the second part of Verse 1 I label "Verse 12" for Verse 1B , or verse 1 2nd part.  I  had a request from some of the guys that do projection for our weekend service to try and relabel the the long verses with numbers and letters ex. V1A,  V1B,  C1A, C1B.  This would keep me from having a consecutive verse numbering up to 8 for a 4 verse song.  Any ideas and or help.  I also thought of using the 3 for a be so verse 1 B   would look like V13, but if I could use a letter it would be preferable. Any help and or advice is greatly appreciated.


  • We just use the same label for each part of a long verse or chorus, so we might have two verses called V1. In the verse order, we put V1 and this automatically includes both parts of the verse one after the other. Works very well for us.

    I think there may be an issue if you export the song and reimport as the format used for exporting songs doesn't allow multiple verses with the same label. Not sure what happens if you save a service at home and then reopen it at church; this might be the same as exporting and importing the songs and you might end up with duplicates songs. There's a post about this somewhere on the forums.
  • @GoLigh@Carl,
    You can set the main area size, font size or line spacing in the themes wizard so that only 5 lines fit in the allocated space. If there are any more lines they will be automatically split over two or more slides.

    @Carl I did a little bit of work on the OpenLyrics importer. If I remember correctly if a song has more than one verse 1 it should export it to the OpenSong format using V1a, V1b and so on. When importing the songs back in to OpenLP the letters should be dropped and you should be left with two separate V1.
  • @phill, thanks for updating the importer. Sounds like one of those contributions that nobody will notice unless they've previously been in the specific situation of trying to export/import songs with split verses. Good to know that it's now working reliably :-)
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