Problems with a PowerPoint which had a hyperlinked picture.


I've just had a major problem before a service which stopped me
using OpenLP, and I had to switch to SongPro instead.

A visiting speaker arrived with a PowerPoint on a USB stick, and I
loaded it into OpenLP, added it to the service, then sent it "Live".
Immediately the projector display (Windows extended desktop) changed
from the song which was displaying, to a black screen. I found a
PowerPoint dialog box hidden behind the black screen warning about
using external content. I couldn't click on the dialog box to allow
this external content! Every time I used alt+tab to display the
message, moving the mouse made the black screen reappear, and I
couldn't click on the box. I had to use Task Manager to end the
PowerPoint and OpenLP. I tried again but it was the same, so because
the service was about to start, I used SongPro instead.

After the service, I discovered that there was a picture in the
PowerPoint with an Internet hyperlink. I closed down the projector, and tried
again. This time the dialog box appeared on the main screen, and I
was able to accept the warning, and the PowerPoint worked OK.

I don't know why SongPro just accepted this PowerPoint file, but
it did, so I used SongPro for the service. My desire is to move away
from SongPro though if OpenLP misbehaves like this I will have
problems convincing people its a good idea!

I'm just glad that I tested it before the service started!



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