Importing Bibles from CSV

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it's me again. I just downloaded the very interesting bible converter tool, that converts bibles from csv to sqlite.

well, i've managed to get a bible translation that we use and is avaliable for free from the authors website into csv format.
however, importing will always stop with the notice "I/O Error 32".

well, im not sure whether the problem is me or the software. attached u'll find a screenshot of the csv in notepad.

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fyi: that translation is avaliable for the old testament, that s why the screen starts with matthew 1.

and: i would suggest that the converter would accept the bible book number as well as the name. this seems to be more "international" and some files (just like mine) are stored like that. i coulnt find the part of the code yet - if anyone could tell me i will of course submit a patch.



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