New Laptop – integrated graphics or separate graphics card?

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The church laptop has died and needs to be replaced.  I am looking at budget laptops running Win8 (64 bit), and I don’t know whether Intel onboard graphics will be sufficient or whether a separate graphics card is needed.  In every service we use OpenLP + VLC to project videos as well as powerpoints and songs.

With a modern reasonably-priced laptop, is onboard graphics going to be sufficient (for projecting videos within OpenLP) or should I get a laptop with a dedicated graphics card?  All advice and tips on this matter gratefully received.

Thanks, Steve


  • You could aim at a higher budget laptop or tablet PC: The church pays half of it and you pay the other half and get the laptop for the rest of the week...

    Microsoft Surface Pro 2 is coming out 22. of October...

    Isn't that a good idea?

  • Hi Steve,

    We use several laptops with integrated Intel graphics and they work fine for most things. The only problem with them is that VLC videos are a bit choppy, in VLC itself you can change the hardware acceleration mode (I can't remember what it is) but that doesn't take effect when in OpenLP. Its not that bad, and I'm probably the only person who notices, I don't know if other cards have the same problem.

  • Hi VideoPsalm ... that is food for thought :)

    Dave, do ALL your laptops with INTEGRATED graphics cause that choppy video, or is it just the older laptops, or the ones with less memory?


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