Linking audio file to an image

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Is it
possible to play an audio file (e.g. a sound effect) at the same time
as displaying an image?  Both are imported via the Media Manager
but can only be separate items in the Service Manager - it would be good to
be able to display the image and play the sound file at the same time - any way to do this?



  • I am by no means an expert with OLP but I do not think this is possible.

    However, if this is a one off thing you want to do here is a work around. You can link audio to a song. So here is what you could do.

    1. Create a Theme with the image you want to use and when you do that set the footer font size to 0.

    2.Then create a new song. OLP won't let you create a blank song so you will have to give it a name. I would suggest that you name it starting with the letter Z so it appears at the bottom of your song list in Media Manager, and also something to do with your image like ZSunset. It will also ask you for an Author and a verse. You can put in a single letter for the author and add a verse with some blank spaces. Set the theme to the theme you created with the image you wanted to use. Then use the Linked Audio tab to add your music and then save.

    3. Set your Settings>Configure OLP>Theme setting to Song Level.

    This isn't a clean solution but it will get an image on the screen with an audio track playing.
  • Thanks Tomlikesfree.

    This work-around works well. You can actually link more than one sound file to a 'song' which could be useful at times.

    Thanks for the great tip!


  • Does anyone know why I have to reload by right clicking to move to the next item in Service Manager when live? Also, I linked a mp3 song to a hoping it played when i go to the song in live mod. Anyone know?
  • Isn't it just a matter of creating a new theme with the required image as the background, and setting the theme for the MP3 track added into the service to that (with Theme setting to Song Level enabled)? I don't think you need to create a new song.

  • Ok. Just tried, and you can't set a theme for an audio track - I stand corrected :). I presume this is because it's seen as a media, i.e. video item, and whilst there's a 'default image' in the settings, that's a global setting, not media type specific. Maybe there's something in the OpenLP 3 release (I'm using 2.4.6).

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