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Currently have OpenLP 2.0.3, Windows 8.1 Pro, 64-bit system. When I go to file, import, song; selecting Generic Document/Presentation, add, (add the songs I want) then follow thru with the import I get the following error message: (Cannot access OpenOffice or LibreOffice).
These are not either of these two products. They are .txt, .doc, .docx or .pdf files. Non of which are using OpenOffice or LibreOffice, I am using adobe PDF or word. Even if they are saved as an .rtf file I get the same error message. Is there a fix for this?

Thanks in Advance.

Rabbi Carl.


  • I think I had the same question a while ago. The answer was that [Open|Libre]Office is used to parse the file, even if it's plain text. It's not ideal because it adds an extra, potentially unnecessary, dependency, but I suppose it was a convenient solution for the developers. I don't think Word provides an API for importing .doc and .docx files so LibreOffice must be used for this.
  • We use LibreOffice since it allows us to import a variety of file types like Word Documents in addition to plain text. Since Libreoffice is available to download for free, this hasn't been a stumbling block for most people.

    Most of the developers use Linux so don't have access to either Windows or Microsoft Office, therefore supporting Word for the import would be difficult. LibreOffice is available on a variety of platforms so it makes sense to use this instead.
  • I would like to thank both of you, carl and gushie, I downloaded and installed Libre Office and now the import feature is working just perfectly.
  • Glad you got it working.

    From a developer's perspective it makes sense to install LibreOffice to have access to certain libraries used by the importer, but for the end user it's a little odd to install some software that you don't actually plan on using explicitly.
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