Remote tablet not displaying ppt or videos

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We're just testing out open lp and so far everything looks great. However I'm having a few problems using our android tablet remote. Its set up correctly and it will display songs however when I play a song or display a powerpoint on the laptop, the tablet doesn't display it. It only says the file name. 
Do I need to download anything else for the tablet? It currently only has the Openlp app and whatever came with it (its a Samsung Galaxy tablet)

Thanks in advance for your help.



  • Hi Jarvis,

    It is working correctly. We don't currently display any images in the remote for either media, images or powerpoint, we just show the filename as you have seen to allow slide changes to be made.

    Showing thumbnail images of the slides / images is something we will think about for a future version.

  • Thanks for clearing that up.
    Nice to know it's not my lack of technical skills as to why it's not working!

  • I may be years too late to add my experience but we discovered that we must firstly save the service list of songs THEN add the PowerPoint, IF WE DO NOT SAVE THIS ADDITION, the icons will show the thumbnails of the slide, not just the number of slide. If we save the revised list, we get the number only. I am sure that thsi would help many with this problem. Maybe the Moderator could make this tip more visible? I am a newbie so ignorant! David

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