Norwegian Bible

Hi! How can I import a Norwegian translation of the Bible?


  • Do you have the Bible already? What format is in it?
  • Hi Thomas, did you get any further with this?

    Raoul, I contacted the Norwegian Bible Society and got a response from them today. They said that they tried to contact you about the possibilities of a royalty agreement a couple of years ago, but did not get any response from you. I don't know how that would work out. Does OpenLP have an environment for payment for addons?

    Their current policy did not allow churches or private persons to obtain a single license for their translations. They organize licensing through United Bible Societies and their DBL service (Digital Bible Library).

    Technically, they could deliver their translations in USX format but not OSIS, I was told.

    Any input to where we can go from here?

    kind regards, atle weibell

  • Hi! Since OpenLP is an open source project with a fairly small set of contributors, making a royalty agreement for distribution of bibles is not really an option. Supporting various bible formats for import is however in scope, so creating an USX could be an option. To my knowledge there was not yet been done any work on USX.
  • Sorry, that should have been "creating an USX importer could be an option."
  • Do you have any relation with United Bible Societies already? If they are not willing to license to churches, do you see other options?

    How realistic is it to get a USX importer developed? Is OpenLP using OSIS? They are both XML formats, right? Could it be done by xslt? On the fly for each import or once for a given translation for import from OSIS?
  • I don't recall being contacted by the Norwegian Bible Society, I'm afraid.

    We don't do royalty agreements, and we don't have a way to "unlock" Bibles in OpenLP. This is mostly because (a) we're just a group of volunteers, there's no commercial entity, and (b) it means secret keys and other things that we may not be able to hide, since the source code is open for anyone to see (not that this is a good way to do it, but some developers think it is).

    A USX importer should be fairly simple to develop. If it's also an XML format, you can probably copy the OSIS importer and just adjust the necessary bits.
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