OpenLP has stopped working (Windows 8.1)

edited November 2013 in General Support
Hi, we are runningn OpenLP on an HP laptop running Windows 8. Just upgraded to v2.0.3 and Windows 8.1. Now when we run OpenLP it starts but as soon as we try to display anything OpenLP crashes with a "OpenLP has stopped working" error.

I have tried reinstalling OpenLP v2.0.3 but get the same issue. I thought I would try reverting to OpenLP 2.0.2 but cannot find that anywhere to download and install.

I suspect this is an issue with Windows 8.1 (please give me back Windows 7!) but there is no way to restore back to Windows 8.0 to try that.

Any advice on this would be much appreciated as at the moment OpenLP is unusable.

Thanks in advance,


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