Downloading bibles for use in OpenLP

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I continue to have problems trying to get an NASB version for OpenLP.  I've worked with Open Song.  Although the NASB is now in Open Song,I cannot export it to OpenLP?

I would appreciate advice from anywhere.

Do I need to download a power point version of the NASB?  I have no idea. I've done searches, but, am concerned about downloading the correct type of program as well as being OpenLP compatible.   Our pastor uses the NASB, so, I do need to get it.  A website suggestion would be great, or, maybe I can order a CD?

Also, I'm noticed many errors in the ASV version that came with the recent OpenLP download for the new laptop.  I've already sent a note to OpenLP about that, but, haven't heard from them.  If anyone else is noticing wrong wording for the chapters they might need to know from others.  I mean, not even close.  I can tell they are bible verses, but, not for the book and chapter I'm trying to display.

Thank you very much.


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    Hi oregonian101,

    I've just replied to your other post, I've copied it below for completness.

    With regards to your problems with the ASV bible:
    Where did you send the note to? I cannot find anything. Could you please send a copy to so we can try to fix this.

    My reply to your other post:
    Start off by downloading the bible. The OpensSong bibles are compressed in a zip file. Double click it to open it  and click "File" and the "Extract All". Click "Next" and then "Browse". Click "Desktop" from the list and the click "OK". Now click "Next" and wait. Click "Finish"

    Now start OpenLP. Once OpenLP has started click "File" and then go to "Import" and click "Bible". The import wizard should start. Click "Next". Select "OpenSong" from the "Format" drop down box.  Click the folder icon to the left of the "Bible file" text box. Click "Desktop" and then find and click "NASB.xmm". Click "Open". Click "Next" and enter the "Version Name" and "Copyright" information. Click "Next"

    Select "English" from the "Language" drop down box and click "OK". OpenLP should now begin importing the bible. This will take a few minutes. When that is done click "Finish".

    All being well you should be able to access the bible in OpenLP
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