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HI there all.

Firstly, if this is covered somewhere else you know of please do just point me in the right direction!

We are at a point at church at the moment where a lot of our music is played from a CD. I am looking at using OpenLP to replace our current Powerpoint system and would like to be able to play the correct audio track alongside the slides we have for a song. I know this is possible by linking an audio track through the options.

Is it possible to cue the added audio track to start playing when the second slide is displayed (at the moment we display a title screen for each song so the song words start at slide 2)

At the moment I just hit the pause icon in the live display which starts the track but the sake of the soon to be users it would be great if this could happen automagically.

Many thanks.

Loving your work.



  • A workaround could be to add a few seconds pause in the audio track itself to give people time to read the title slide before the song starts and you move on to the lyrics slides.This would only work if you use audio files (not CDs) and if you can find a way to automatically edit them to insert the pause at the start (Audacity seems to have a scripting mode). You'd still need to be ready to restart the track if the minister decides he wants to keep talking for a bit longer. Not an ideal solution but it's all I've got :-)
  • Hi Carl 

    Thanks for this - sorry for the REALLY slow reply. 

    We're trying out audio files rather than CDs so this could work - the only thing is, as you say, the person introducing a song will sometimes say 'now we're going to sing ####' and sometimes they will introduce the song with a bit of banter (please note - 'banter' is probably not the official CofE phrase for it)

    Unfortunately at the moment it seems I either need to add a custom slide for each song (which adds an extra step to the service prep) or have the operator manually start the audio track. 

    Neither is a terrible thing to ask - but if anyone thinks of something better please do let me know!

    Happy days.

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