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I saw mention of an API but couldn't find mention of it in the user guide, where would I find details about it?


  • Hi cowjam

    The closest we have is http://docs.openlp.org/ however this is for the current stable release rather than the development version. Some will still be the same but a lot will have changed.

    What is it that you are trying to do? If you are looking to contribute to OpenLP I would suggest taking a look at: http://wiki.openlp.org/#Development particularly the "Getting Started Guide" as well as coming to chat to us on our IRC channel as to what you are trying to do. 
  • I want a web interface whereby you pick a song book, then the number, then show verse by verse (in presentation order).

    I'm pretty much the only tech in my church, I need it to be as simple as possible so other people can use it in my absence. 

    Fleshing it out a bit more...

    First screen would list the available song books (wouldn't have to be dynamic for me but it'd be good it if were).
    Second screen would say BOOK TITLE and have a box to type in the song number.
    Third screen would show the first verse with a "NEXT" button to load the next verse. 
    Final verse would have an "END" button which would blank the screen and return to the first screen.

    I'd like to get more involved here but I don't really have the time at the moment.
  • OK, so you want to be able to extend the current web remote functionality to allow selection by book and book number?. You don't need to know any perl, OpenLP is written in python and the webpages are all html/css/jquery.

    To learn how to develop OpenLP, the best place to start is on the wiki, http://wiki.openlp.org/
    You can then discuss more on the mailing lists or on IRC, details of which are all on the wiki.
  • I typed perl, I meant python ;)

    Thanks for the info, I'll sign up (though not today as I'm busy rectifying a mistake I made at work today).
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