setting up a new presentation-machine in these days

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we want to set up a new presentation-machine for our church.
we want to use KDE 4.11, because of KScreen, which makes the monitor-setup easily. the next main-thing on the machine is openlp an in relation to it libreoffice. now there ist the problem of the versions (uno).
what do you think, how we can get to a functional solution?
if we use kubuntu 13.10, we have a libreoffice which don't have function with openlp, if we use 12.04 it's the same and we wouldn't have KScreen. In Debian we wouldn't have anything...
whats the solution? compiling all by ourself on a debian system? dont't think, that a selfcompiled KDE makes a good environment.

would be happy to hear from someone, who had solved the problem before ;-)

Christ is coming!


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