Problem with presentation plugin for Powerpoint 2013 on second monitor

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Config as follows:
 Lenovo Ultrabook, Intel Core i7, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD, 13.3" 
 Windows 8.1
 Openlp 2.0.3
 Office 2013

 Downloaded NIV successfully - works
 2 monitor mode works with songs/hymns
 (Not tried audio or video yet)
 Powerpoint works in isolation in 2 monitor mode
 BUT: Running a ppt presentation from within OpenLP causes the slides to appear out of position 
 and not occupying the full second monitor/projector.
 Any ideas what this might be?:-
   Win8.1 compatibility?
   Office2013 compatibility?
   OpenLP plugin bug?


  • We have not tested OpenLP with PowerPoint 2013 or Windows 8.1. There seems to be a bug but we have been unable to track it down.
  • Are there any news about this bug? Because i have the same one.
    I open up a presentation, switch to live mode and powerpoint will just open up but on the second screen nothing happens and after that, I get an error in the OpenLP and the secon screen is showing the desktop, even if there was a song before...
    Please help!!
  • Hi Lukas

    If you mean the "out-of-position" bug, look at this post:
    What is the error you are getting?
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    It may be this bug. It's just not going on my secon monitor, just opening powerpoint on monitor one and after i close it an error appears ("normal" OpenLP error).
    I already tried this solution before i postet my first question. It didnt worked for me.
    I went on OpenLP, properties, compatibility and clicked the “Disable display scaling on high DPI settings” checkbox and of course apply. But nothing happend after doing this.
    I also tried different presentation softwares like Libre Office (Impress) and the Powerpoint Viewer (the older version from 2007 and the new one because I've read somewhere that only the 2007 will work but it wont work for me).
    There is everytime the same bug as described in the beginning.
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